Can your town become a Nuclear Ban Community?

Global Ban Communities

The United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) in 2017. Countries across the world are ratifying this historic agreement which will ban nuclear weapons in participating states and will generate international momentum towards global nuclear abolition. But the UK government refused to even participate in the talks and now says it will never sign.

But we can’t let that stop us making progress. Towns and cities around the world – including Washington, Paris and Edinburgh – are bypassing their governments’ opposition and becoming Nuclear Ban Communities as they sign up to support the TPNW.

Manchester was the first city in Europe to back the treaty after Manchester City Council unanimously passed a resolution voicing its support for the nuclear ban. And 2020 started well for the campaign when Oxford showed its support!

Your town could be a Nuclear Ban Community too

Communities across the UK are already supporting this campaign, see this map to see which local councils have adopted motions in support:

If communities get together and demonstrate their support, we can put pressure on the government to engage with the treaty. Working with your local politicians and our suggested draft motion, your town or city council could soon join others around the world that are working towards a nuclear free world.

What can you do today?

To get started, you need to contact your local councillor to explain that you would like them to propose a motion in favour of the treaty. Download the draft motion here and enclose a copy with your letter or email.

Your local CND group might already be working with the council – check to see if you have a group in your area. Or you can contact the CND national office ( for support.

You could also write a letter to your local paper about the campaign and/or post about it on social media. The more attention the campaign receives, the higher the possibility of a councillor taking notice. So make sure you talk about it with your friends and neighbours, and encourage them to get in touch as well.

And finally, for inspiration, click here to see a  list of the cities across the world supporting the nuclear ban. Hopefully your area will be next!