A decade on from the bloody and illegal invasion of Iraq on 20th March 2003: a wave of explosions have rocked Baghdad and surrounding towns killing 56 people and injuring 200 more.

‘This is Tony Blair’s legacy’ said Kate Hudson, CND’s General Secretary. ‘The hundreds of thousands killed in an illegal invasion, and the continuing bloodshed, is what Blair will be remembered for. It is no surprise that polls show a majority of the public still think the invasion was wrong, or that a large proportion wants Tony Blair charged with war crimes. He must not be allowed to avoid responsibility for the sorrow and devastation caused by his war lies.’

‘The British public took to the streets in their millions and marched side-by-side with people all over the world to reject a senseless war based on lies. But the government refused to listen, and instead fought tooth and nail to unleash a barbarism on Iraq which has done nothing but fuel more instability in the region and cultivate more slaughter.’

‘If we learn anything from this bleak episode in British history, it is that wars are never the answer to complex regional and national problems.’