Kate Hudson has been General Secretary of CND since 2010, having served as chair since 2003. She first became active in the peace movement in the early 1980s in the big upsurge of activity against cruise missiles. One of her proudest moments was helping to Embrace the Base at Greenham Common in December 1982, along with 30,000 other women. With the end of the Cold War, like many others, Kate felt that the issue of nuclear weapons had gone away, so she turned to other campaigning work. But by the mid-1990s with expansion of NATO and escalation of the US ‘Star Wars’ system, she came back into CND activity and into CND’s leadership just as the ‘war on terror’ was beginning. She has been a key figure in the anti-war movement nationally and internationally and considers international cooperation and solidarity to be the key to our ultimate success.

By profession a historian, Kate was Head of Social and Policy Studies at London South Bank University prior to working for CND. She is author of a number of books, including a history of CND.

What is 60 faces of CND?
2018 is the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Founded in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, CND has been a powerful collective voice against the dangers of nuclear weapons.

CND’s greatest strength has always been its members.
Incredible people have shaped our history,
our present and will continue to inspire in the future.

Here we take a look at 60 Faces of CND,
60 people who represent all the millions of people
who have campaigned for nuclear disarmament over the decades
and have made our organisation so remarkable.

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