The first demonstration that comedian and activist Mark Thomas went on was a CND protest in Morden when he was 19. He recalls that day, ‘I loved the fact that they’re just this grouping of people who are very disparate and wandering down the road the wrong way holding balloons in the air and I liked that sense of fun. What I’ve always loved about protests is the different sensibilities that people bring to it.’

He must enjoy a good demo, as Mark once held the world record for the most number of protests held in a single day.

Mark has supported many of CND’s campaigns over the years. One memorable action was in 2002 when CND worked with Mark and Public Interest Lawyers to serve letters on then Prime Minister Tony Blair and members of his Cabinet, challenging them to clarify the government’s position on invading Iraq.

What is 60 faces of CND?
2018 is the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Founded in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, CND has been a powerful collective voice against the dangers of nuclear weapons.

CND’s greatest strength has always been its members.
Incredible people have shaped our history,
our present and will continue to inspire in the future.

Here we take a look at 60 Faces of CND,
60 people who represent all the millions of people
who have campaigned for nuclear disarmament over the decades
and have made our organisation so remarkable.

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