CND Conference 2022 resolutions

Submit a resolution for CND Conference 2022.

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Resolution contact

Compositing will take place in August. Please provide contact details for someone able to discuss compositing during this period.

Resolution text

Before filling out this section, please make sure you are familiar with the guidance on resolutions listed at the bottom of the page.


Resolutions for possible inclusion in the Conference Agenda shall be submitted in accordance with Part 3 point 3.7 of the Regulations made under Section 56 of the Articles of Association of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

How many resolutions can I submit?

  • Representative organisations of CND, CND Council and CND affiliates may propose up to two resolutions for discussion at CND Conference or AGM
  • Individual Company Members of CND may propose one resolution

Writing resolutions:

  • Resolutions should not exceed 350 words in length
  • Be as clear and concise as possible
  • Identify a clear decision to be put to Conference

In allotting time for the discussion of resolutions, CAWG shall give priority to resolutions which:

  • Do not merely reiterate existing policy
  • Do not have preambles containing restatements of existing policy, or lengthy political polemic
  • Do not cover matters debated at previous Annual Conference, unless there are exceptional circumstances

Please note: omnibus resolutions and resolutions which are factually incorrect, unconstitutional or illegible will be ruled out of order by CAWG

Please note that this is general guidance on submitting resolutions, for full info about resolutions, including how they are classified, see the Standing Orders of CND Conference and AGM.