Help Secure A Future For All

Never before has the world been at such risk of nuclear war. The crisis in Ukraine risks escalating into the existential threat of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. In these terrible days we have to do everything possible to prevent nuclear use. Now more than ever, a strong anti-nuclear movement is needed.

We still need to raise at least £8,000 at this critical time. Your donation will help us organise protests, demonstrations and public meetings, to print leaflets and briefings, and to fund the online campaigning necessary to spread a message of peace as widely as possible.

The threat of nuclear war has never loomed so large. We must do everything we can to promote disarmament and demilitarization. Please, if you can, donate today, and help secure a future for all.

  • £15 could pay for 750 leaflets on the increasing risk of nuclear use
  • £25 could pay for 125 click-throughs on one of our online adverts, that’s 125 people being made aware of the reality of nuclear war
  • £50 could help with the costs of a video illustrating the devastating effects that detonating even one nuclear missile would have