Support the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Add your name to our newspaper advert

Before the crucial nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in April this year, we want to run a full page advert in a national newspaper urging people to lobby the government to live up to its nuclear disarmament obligations. Can you help?

The goal of the NPT is simple – complete disarmament of all nuclear weapons.

The UK signed the NPT in 1968, but continues to possess nuclear weapons, and has actually committed to upgrading its nuclear arsenal. We need to act now to make sure our government participates in this crucial conference at a high level, and takes its legal obligations seriously.

With this advert, we could reach around 600,000 people on the eve of the conference, encouraging them to lobby the government to send a high level delegation to participate.

Donate today to add your name to the advert, along with hundreds of others who want to see nuclear weapons banned for good. Our suggested donation is £25, but any amount will be gratefully received.

We must receive your donation by February 29th for your name to appear.