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Donate today and help challenge the government on the UK’s 50 year old commitment to disarmament

The government is pressing on with its £205bn plans to replace the UK’s nuclear weapons – despite its commitment to the NPT to disarm. The current public health crisis – which the NHS has been left ill-equipped to deal with after years of underinvestment – highlights starkly just what a twisted decision this is.

The government made a promise under the NPT to disarm. Reneging on this promise will not bring about a safer world. Each day that nuclear weapons exist is a day that a nuclear attack – or major accident – is possible. Millions of people would die or suffer in the event of either scenario.

So CND is demanding that the government takes concrete steps towards disarming the UK’s nuclear weapons. Please help us do so by donating today.

Your donation could help generate the progress that the world is waiting for. Concerted efforts by nuclear weapons states to disarm, and finally bring about a nuclear weapons-free world.

£10 could pay for 500 leaflets on nuclear disarmament

£25 could pay for 70 briefings on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

£50 could help towards the cost of video editing equipment,  letting our anti-nuclear message be heard by a much wider audience