To mark CND’s 60th anniversary year, a giant installation of CND’s logo is travelling the country to speak to people about our campaigns. To highlight CND’s opposition to nuclear power and our work with anti-nuclear power groups, Kick Nuclear will be hosting a leg of the tour.

11.30am-12 noon: symbol and display outside Bradwell nuclear power station.

12.45pm-1.45pm: symbol, display and leafetting at Hythe Quay, Maldon

4-4.30pm: Sizewell: stall, display, leafletting by the entrance to the beach car park next to the power station.

5-6pm:  Stall, symbol and leafletting in the centre of Leiston.

If you live in or near any of these sites, why not take this opportunity to come and see the symbol, take a photo and find out more about CND and our work for a nuclear-free world.

For any enquiries contact or phone 020 7700 2393.