Come to Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp for the most powerful women-only event ever, to turn the spotlight on our illegal nuclear weapon factory!

On December 12th 1982, 30,000 women held hands around the nine-mile perimeter of the base at Greenham Common to say “No” to the US nuclear weapons being brought there. Since then, the Aldermaston Women’s Camp has established a legal presence in a little dell under oak and fir trees. This is at Paices Hill on the north west corner of Aldermaston, post code RG7 4PW.

Women have been camping monthly at Aldermaston ever since and their numbers are growing. Women are urged to come to the camp, for the 40-year anniversary celebration of “Embrace the Base” on the weekend of December 9th-11th.

Come for just the Saturday or camp over the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday mid-day to weave the web once again. Bring yarn of any colour. We’ll be weaving webs again to make the connections between weapons production and the environmental destruction, particularly of ethnic lands, and of so many destructive implications of these nuclear weapons.

On Saturday there will be web weaving, spider and crow making workshops to decorate the fence and gates, so bring yarn and any materials for spider making . In the evening there’ll be a party in the marquee with a shadow puppet show and a lantern procession.

This event is sponsored by Greenham Women Everywhere.

For more details, see Aldermaston Women’s Camp Facebook page or phone 07852 293386.


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Paices Hill