Join Nuke Free Europe for this open meeting to discuss actions and activities for a nuclear weapons-free Europe.

1. Welcome and introductions by Reiner Braun
2. Trade union actions against nuclear weapons and for a world free of nuclear weapons
– Reflections by Owen Tudor
3. Where are we in the struggle for a nuclear weapons-free world and what are the next steps?
– An introduction by Tom Unterrainer (CND Chair)
– A common letter by EU parliamentarians by Guido van Leemput
4. Evaluation of the Month of Actions (September)
– Reflections by Marion Kuepker, Guido van Leemput and Ludo De Brabander
5. Webinars on nuclear sharing with EU parliamentarians
-Updates by Angelika Claussen
6. Looking towards 2022: The NPT RevCon and TPNW
– Updates by Reiner Braun
7. Finances
– Updates by Lucas Wirl

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