The World Future Day Launch of Youth Fusion Elders will be an intergenerational dialogue between youth and elders within the peace and nuclear disarmament fields. We will learn from the highly valuable experiences and knowledge of ‘Elders’ in a conversation facilitated by youth leaders. CND Vice-President Bruce Kent will be one of the Elders honoured.

Youth Fusion highlights the importance of inter-generational dialogue, and of youth learning from the experience of those who have been long-time and effective leaders in the peace and disarmament fields. In this regard, we recognise and affirm Youth Fusion Elders, those we hold in high esteem, and whose leadership, accomplishments, ideas and wisdom we highlight online and through our activities.

The Youth Fusion Elders launch event is held in conjunction with a 24 hour round-the-world conversation for World Future Day which starts in Aotearoa-New Zealand at 12noon and moves westward each hour to the next time-zone. March 1 is also Nuclear Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the most destructive nuclear weapons test ever conducted in the Pacific. The impact of the radiation dispersed from this test will last for generations.

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