Scotland welcomes the world to Faslane to protest against nuclear weapons. Join us to marching from the Peace Camp to the North Gate of the base for the rally, a distance of around a mile.

The aim of the rally is to to highlight the strength of support from many UN member states for Scotland, a country hosting nuclear weapons against its wishes.

The rally will feature speakers from many countries. We really need to make this a huge event to show the level of international support for Scotland’s opposition to nukes and to present a clear challenge to the UK government to sign the global nuclear weapons ban treaty, enter negotiations and scrap their nuclear policies. We also need to re-assert our vision for Scotland as a land free of weapons of mass destruction and energetic in our support for their removal from the UK and the whole world.

As well as the rally itself there will be other events over that weekend to take advantage of the presence of campaigners from far and wide.

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Transport arranged from Yorkshire
Transport arranged from the Manchester area – contact or phone 0161 273 8283

(If you’re arranging transport from anywhere in the UK, let us know so we can promote – or 020 7700 2393)

For more information and to get involved in planning and mobilising, email

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