Join this webinar, organised by CND’s Trade Union Advisory Group.

Nuclear power is increasingly marketed as part of the solution to the climate crisis and there is considerable support for it from trade unions. In fact it’s dirty, dangerous, expensive, won’t help with our climate problems, and there are far more jobs in renewables.

Recent news shows that French nuclear corporation EDF is in real financial trouble, and their current technology is facing big problems. A design flaw recently manifested in the EDF EPR reactor in Taishan, China, may affect all the other EPRs in France, Finland and even Hinkley C – currently being built in Somerset.

Academic expert Dr Paul Dorfman will brief us on this subject. He is an Associate Fellow in the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex; Chair, Nuclear Consulting Group; Member, Irish Govt. Environment Protection Agency; and Member of Radiation Protection Advisory Committee.

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