Parliamentary CND launches crucial Legal Opinion: Tuesday 18th May at 2pm

“The UK’s Nuclear Arsenal Increase: is it legal under international law?”

Following the government’s announcement that it will be increasing the number of warheads in the nuclear arsenal, CND has commissioned a Legal Opinion on whether this is a breach of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Join this online public launch meeting to hear from the Lawyers who have authored the Opinion – and put your questions to the experts.

Professor Christine Chinkin is a Fellow of the British Academy, a barrister and an academic member of Matrix Chambers; she is a leading expert on international law and human rights law.

Dr Louise Arimatsu is Distinguished Policy Fellow in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security. Dr Arimatsu was Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Law Department at Exeter University (2014-2017).

Chaired by Kirsten Oswald MP, Chair of Parliamentary CND

With contributions from Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary