Join CND and Sands Films Cinema Club for a screening of When the Wind Blows – available to watch in person or online. The film will be introduced by CND and followed by a panel discussion with film-maker Vicki Lesley (“The Atom: A Love Affair”) to discuss the role of films in campaigns. Hosted by CND General Secretary Kate Hudson.

At a time of increasing nuclear danger, this film serves as an important reminder of the devastating reality of a nuclear war.

When the Wind Blows illustrates the lives of a couple who follow the civil defence information that they have been given to prepare themselves for a nuclear attack, and the futility of these preparations. Because the truth is that nothing can prepare or protect us from nuclear war. The film had a huge impact when it was released in 1986; both shocking and deeply moving, it brought home, through its accessible animated format, the reality of nuclear war. Nothing more strongly conveyed the message that it was impossible to Protect and Survive, as the government claimed – it was essential to Protest and Survive.

Then and now, CND continues to campaign for a world without nuclear weapons, starting with Britain getting rid of its nuclear weapons system, Trident. Nuclear weapons are useless, expensive and immoral weapons of mass destruction and must be eliminated to make the world a safer place.

Adapted by Raymond Briggs (1934-2022) from his bestselling book, the film also features an original soundtrack by Roger Waters and title song by David Bowie.

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