Support CND’s Symbol Tour

CND Symbol

For CND’s 60th anniversary, we’re taking a giant CND symbol on a national tour!

The role of the iconic CND symbol – the internationally recognised peace sign – is being marked by the Now More Than Ever tour of Britain. A giant three-dimensional symbol installation is visiting more than twenty dramatic locations across Britain, including the White Cliffs of Dover, Faslane naval base, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

We want to attract thousands of visitors around the country to raise awareness of our work, of the UN’s global nuclear ban treaty and of our aim to stop Trident replacement.

Can you help us raise £12,000 to fund this installation and transport it to famous UK locations? The more we can raise, the greater the number of high profile sites we can take it to.

Here’s what your donation could do:

  • £25 would pay for parking the van at the location site
  • £50 would help pay towards storing the symbol between trips
  • £100 would pay for fuel to transport the installation on a 600 mile round-trip