As cyber warfare hits the headlines and the White House reveals plans for a ‘Space Force’, join CND for this fascinating conference about the impact of new technologies on future wars, and the new challenges we’ll face as a result.

Topics covered will include the militarisation of space; cyber warfare; hacking; killer robots and drones; new tech ethics; and alternative visions of security.

  • The conference will be held on November 10th, at Birkbeck University of London (Room B36) .
  • It will be an all day event from 9:30am to 5:00pm.
  • Tickets are now sold out  for this event


Speakers will include:

  • Duncan Campbell (investigative journalist)
  • Arielle Denis (consultant for the International Peace Bureau and former ICAN campaign director)
  • Stuart Parkinson (executive director of Scientists for Global Responsibility)
  • Ted Seay (tactical nuclear weapons expert and transatlantic security specialist)
  • Elke Schwartz (Lecturer in Political Theory at Queen Mary University)
  • Carol Turner (CND’s Vice Chair)
  • Dave Webb (chair of CND UK and  Yorkshire CND)
  • Lucas Wirl (Co-director of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility)
  • Cath Bann (from Yorkshire CND)
  • Pere Brunet (from Delàs Peace Studies Centre, Barcelona)
  • Peter Burt (author of ‘Off the Leash’)
  •  Chris Cole (founder of Drone Wars UK)
  •  Steven Rose (Emertius Professor fat the Open University in Life Sciences)
  • Bruce Gagnon (co-founder of Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in space)
  • Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London)
  • Sara Medi Jones (acting General Secretary for CND)
  • Tom Unterrainer (from the Bertrand Russel Peace Foundation and member of CND National Council)
  • Patrice Salzenstein (blogger and peace activist with Mouvement de la Paix).

For a full agenda of the event, please click here.

UPDATE:  Due to exceptionally high demand, ticket sales are now closed for this event.  Unfortunately, tickets will not be available on the door. However, you can still watch the live stream of this event on CND’s facebook page

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For any enquiries contact: or phone 020 7700 2393.

We hope to see you there!