Join CND and the Investing in Change network to challenge People’s Pension on their investment in nuclear weapons by writing to them.

You can post your letter to People’s Pension, Manor Royal, Crawley RH10 9QP.  People’s Pension don’t provide an email address to contact them. So, if you want to send the letter to them online then you can paste it into the enquiry box. But don’t forget to include your contact details so they can get back to you!

There is a draft template below that you may find useful:

FAO People’s Pension CEO Patrick Heath-Lay

I am writing to you as a People’s Pension customer.
I have heard assurances that you are committed to raising nuclear weapon investment with members but have not heard that this has yet happened. Given the recent developments in international law is unacceptable that employees who are auto-enrolled in your pension funds are also auto-enrolled into indirectly investing in companies that manufacture nuclear weapons.
It has been five years since the drafting of the Treaty On The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) which, since 22nd Jan 2021, has now entered into force. This treaty makes illegal under international law the assistance of any State in the maintenance or development of nuclear weapons. Your investment in nuclear weapons producing companies does exactly that. It is impossible to fund a company that is producing nuclear weapons without indirectly contributing to their production and so it is not enough for you to only avoid funding nuclear weapons projects directly.
Nuclear weapons are now illegal because of their potential for indiscriminate and massive scale destruction: one detonation has the potential to kill millions of people. They pose a substantial risk to people and the planet, including to those who are impacted by the development, manufacture and testing of nuclear weapons. This is to say nothing of the long-term health impacts of exposure to nuclear fallout. The potential consequences of nuclear weapons, either deliberately or in the or in the event of accidental detonation is unparalleled in the natural world or by any other weapons.
The TPNW is proof that global public opinion is changing and now widely accepts the unconscionable risk and weighty moral challenge that nuclear weapons pose. It is time for People’s Pension to make a stand and end the financing of these most devastating weapons.
I await your response

Kind Regards