CND’s partner organisation in Japan, Gensuikyo (The Japanese Council Against A and H bombs), has called for a peaceful settlement to the tensions between North Korea and the US.

Gensuikyo’s secretary general, Yasui Masakuazu, strongly denounced North Korea’s missile test, urging that military provocations must stop immediately.

The missile triggered Japanese warning alarms, with thousands of citizens alerted to take cover. The test comes after military drills conducted by the US and South Korea over the Korean peninsula last week.

In a statement issued by Gensuikyo, Masakuazu said:

“The missile firing of this time demonstrates that if an armed conflict takes place, it would bring about devastating damage and throw into grave danger the peace and security of this region and the world.”

Gensuikyo’s statement reminds the international community of the importance of the United Nations’ Nuclear Ban Treaty which opens for signature on the 20th of September.

Gensuikyo has urged the Japanese government to take a lead in signing and ratifying the treaty, and asks that all governments of the world sign “in order to prevent another nuclear tragedy.”

The British government must heed this call.