For immediate use: 19 March 2002
Geoff Hoon yesterday pulled a rabbit from his MoD hat while everyone was looking for the fox in parliament. By deploying combat troops to Afghanistan, the UK is getting sucked further into the US’s ‘War on Terrorism’ without any recourse to the British public.

Today’s ICM poll in the Guardian indicates that Blair’s unquestioning support for Bush to effect ‘a regime change’ in Iraq by military might does not have the backing of a majority of the British public.

Given the growing strength of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition to a strike on Iraq, it is about time the Prime Minister started listening instead of lecturing.

Let’s get the message across to him from the streets – join the ‘Don’t Start Wars’ demonstration on 30th March.


Contact: Nigel Chamberlain, Press Officer 020 7700 2393