Liberal Democrats narrowly voted against a policy to scrap Trident today at their Autumn Conference. Just under half of delegates voted for a motion that would cancel plans for Trident replacement and support decommissioning the UK’s existing nuclear weapons system. Instead the conference has voted to oppose like-for-like replacement and commission a working group to decide policy beyond that.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Liberal Democrats missed a historic opportunity today to lead British politics on scrapping Trident – a crucial policy issue ahead of next year’s parliamentary vote.”

“But we congratulate Liberal Democrats for undertaking  this important debate. It is a breath of fresh air to see such an important issue debated openly and seriously. We would like to see similar open debates in the Labour and Conservative parties to prepare for the crucial decision on Trident replacement next year.”

“Liberal Democrats continue to oppose like for like Trident replacement, and they will vote against it in parliament. What they must now decide is what their policy is beyond that – other nuclear weapons or no nuclear weapons.”

“The nuclear status quo continues to fragment and this is increasingly manifested at the political level, whether in the new Labour leader, strong Scottish opposition or this grass roots Lib Dem upsurge.”