For immediate release:20 January 2003

Hundreds of people from all over Britain will go to Parliament to talk to their MP and to demand that they oppose war.

The majority of people in Britain think this war is wrong. Even the UN itself has predicted that over half a million people will die or suffer injury. Many MPs and even Cabinet Ministers are against war on Iraq. These are the points that will be put clearly to MPs on Tuesday and lobbyists will demand that they are heeded

Lobby details:

1.45 pm Press call – at St Stephen’s Entrance
2.30 onwards: Lobby of MPs
5pm-7pm: Vigil at Parliament Square
7pm-9pm: Rally in Grand Committee Room
Speakers include: Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tam Dalyell MP, Sue Doughty MP, Bianca Jagger, Caroline Lucas MEP, Harold Pinter and Carol Naughton

Alice Mahon MP, and Chair of the No War on Iraq Liaison Group, said,

“It would be a crime against the people of Iraq to go to war on such flimsy evidence as is being produced currently. Surely it is better to keep the weapons inspectors in Iraq and destroy such evidence than to bomb innocent civilians.”

Carol Naughton, CND Chair, added,

“It is vital that our MPs are held accountable for their actions. They must listen to the voice of their constituents who are telling them that we should not go to war. This proposed war is illegal, immoral and will be a crime against humanity.”