Scrap the Trident nuclear weapons system and invest in our NHS instead!

The UK government  is increasing the number of warheads in its Trident nuclear weapons arsenal for the first time since the Cold War. At the same time, it says it doesn’t have enough money to properly pay our nurses, who have looked after us throughout the pandemic.

Stand with CND as we campaign for Nurses not Nukes.

Action: SOS NHS campaign

CND is supporting the SOS NHS campaign to highlight how the cost of nuclear weapons could instead be invested in the NHS.

Actions you can take to support the campaign:

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Wrong priorities

  • The government has its priorities all wrong. Its pitiful offer to the nurses, the public sector pay freeze, lack of sick pay – all while announcing the first increase in nuclear weapons since the Cold War – makes it very clear that the government doesn’t care about the health and wellbeing of our communities.
  • We should not be spending billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction when investment is urgently needed in our NHS.
  • Nuclear weapons do not keep us safe and if a nuclear attack – however ‘limited’ – did actually take place, it would cause a humanitarian catastrophe with millions dead and the emergency services unable to respond due to infrastructure collapsing.

Join CND as we campaign for Nurses not Nukes. The larger our movement, the louder our voice.