For immediate release: 12 January 2004

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today called again for a full investigation into the reasons for going to war on Iraq following Tony Blair’s admission that he doesn’t know if WMD will ever be found in Iraq.

Kate Hudson, CND’s chair, said,

“Now even Tony Blair doesn’t believe in the the government’s central argument used to supposedly justify the war. That central argument is key to the government’s claim that the war was legal. If that central argument is now crumbling then the entire government case for war is crumbling. CND has argued all along that the war was illegal, unnecessary and based on reasons other than WMD. We must now have a full, open and independent investigation in to the motives for and the legality of the war.”

CND will be marking the first anniversary of the start of the war on Iraq by holding a demonstration and blockade on Friday 19th March at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire – a US base key to modern US war-fighting, which won an award for the role it played in the first Gulf War. The 19th March is the exact anniversary of the start of the war and comes a day before an international day of action marking the start of the war, on Saturday 20th. Full information is available at





1) Full information on CND’s position and quotes or interviews with the Chair available through CND Press Office: 0207 7002350 or 07968 420859

2) Block the Base takes place from the morning of Friday 19th March and its stated aim is “To shut down or disrupt the running of Menwith Hill US Military Base for as long as possible, with as many people as possible, using non-violent direct action, and to register opposition to the base through protest.“ It is organised by Yorkshire CND and officially backed by CND and Trident Ploughshares. More info from, CND on 0207 7002393 or Yorkshire CND on 07818 411823

Contact CND Chair Kate Hudson on 07739 184335 and CND Star Wars Campaigner on 07818 411823