CND has responded to the extra-judicial killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and six others in a US drone strike in Iraq. US President Donald Trump ordered the death of one of Iran’s most powerful leaders, a political assassination which risks destabilising the Middle East region even further. Peace in the Middle East must be the goal of the international community, and all diplomatic channels must be pursued to prevent another war in which more innocent people will die.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson commented: ‘This latest reckless action by Trump is one of his most dangerous to date. Summary executions are illegal under international law and the killing of Soleimani is a further example of the rejection of international norms that we have witnessed under the Trump presidency.

‘In 2015 we welcomed a ground-breaking nuclear deal with Iran which heralded improved relations. The deal achieved its central aim: Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons programme. But Trump saw fit to withdraw from the deal in 2018, taking us a step closer to war. This latest development brings that war closer still.

‘CND calls on the international community to prevent the descent into catastrophic war, to uphold the nuclear deal and to take steps to secure a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East.’