Dr Kate Hudson
CND General Secretary
Kate Hudson has been General Secretary of CND since September 2010. Prior to this she served as the organisation's Chair from 2003. She is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner nationally and internationally.

We have all been shocked by Turkey’s attacks on the peaceful enclave of Afrin under the pretext of ‘self defence’ and the ‘fight against terrorism’. This war is in violation of international law and may well lead to dangerous new confrontations among regional and international powers. Our partners in the European peace movement are appealing to us to help give a wake up call. “Europe is silent” says Vrede vzw from Belgium, “while NATO supports Turkey”. They are calling on all organisations, trade unions, campiagns, academics and activists to support their statement:  Stop attacks on Afrin!

The text is below. If you would like to sign, please email to halisyildirim@gmx.net

“Last week the Turkish military started bombing Afrin and now the Turkish military is threatening Afrin by marching across the border and occupying Afrin with jihad mercenaries. Turkey wants active or passive approval for this attack from countries such as the USA, Russia, Germany, etc. The next war is about to start.

Afrin has been a self-governing canton for years, with one woman and one man each having equal rights in the canton administration. Afrin as part of the de facto autonomous Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava) was important in the fight against IS. IS was beaten off both in Iraq and in Syria by the active resistance of the Kurdish, Arab and Christian populations. What IS didn’t accomplish, is now going to be accomplished by the Turkish Republic: Destruction of the democratic structure in this region, where Christians, Muslims and Yazidis etc. live together peacefully.

Turkey wants to continue its warfare despite internal and international resistance. One can remember that the peace academics were dismissed and persecuted because they didn’t accept the bombing of the Kurdish cities in Turkey. There are many HDP and CHP members, journalists and intellectuals who have spoken out against the war. Turkey still trusts that it can start wars and carry out massacres because even the genocide against Armenians is not recognized by Turkey. The stability achieved in Afrin is being undermined because Turkey does not want a democratic structure in this region, which could be seen as a possible alternative for the people of the region.

Therefore, we call on unions, democratic parties, intellectuals, academics and activists to speak out against the next war in this region. Avoid any military and political support of Turkey. Stop arm sales.”