CND comments on Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s insistence that Trident replacement will not be postponed, in spite of the terrible state of the UK’s public finances.

General Secretary Kate Hudson said:

“At such a critical time – economically, socially and politically – the government can ill afford to be squandering tremendous amounts of public funds on replacing Trident.

“The Office for Budget Responsibility’s forecasts show a massive annual hole in the government’s finances over the next few years. We will be facing increased spending cuts on our already damaged public services and many will undergo severe hardship.

“Spending £205 billion on these weapons of mass destruction when the real security challenges we face are pandemics and the climate crisis, is irresponsible, head-in-the-sand politics.

“CND believes that it is the wrong decision for the Chancellor to continue with ‘business as usual’ for Trident replacement. It is vital that the government properly funds the healthcare service, invests in the economy and deals with the real threats to our security.”