A recent CND survey of London Mayoral candidates’ views shows strong support for anti-war and anti-nuclear policies amongst key candidates – in line with the views of the majority of Londoners . Boris Johnson – who backed the war on Iraq and a new generation of nuclear weapons, and new nuclear power stations – did not respond, despite a number of requests from CND.

Candidates were sent questions on the global abolition of nuclear weapons; the replacement of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system; the US Missile Defence system; the invasion of Iraq; and nuclear power. CND received responses from Sian Berry (Green), Lindsey German (Left List), Ken Livingstone (Labour) and Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat). All respondents favour global abolition of nuclear weapons. Berry, German and Livingstone oppose Trident replacement outright, whilst Paddick favours a rapid reduction of the existing system to encourage a multilateral disarmament process.

Berry, German and Livingstone oppose the US Missile Defence system, noting that it is increasing global tensions. Paddick does not oppose the system in principle but objects to the lack of debate and accountability on a key security issue.

All four respondents were opposed to the Iraq war, and all four oppose nuclear power.

Kate Hudson, Chair of CND, said: “On 1st May, either Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson will be elected Mayor. For the sake of all our futures, I urge Londoners to vote, with the peace issue as a top priority. I am delighted that Sian Berry and Lindsey German are calling for their supporters to vote Ken Livingstone number two. I hope that Brian Paddick will also recommend such a course of action. In our great majority, we in London are for peace not war. Let’s ensure, after May 1st, we have an anti-war Mayor in London.

“Cities are targets in war – and cities are the targets for nuclear weapons. London has been a target many times and it is vital that Britain and the world move in a more peaceful direction. What the Mayor of London thinks on these issues is crucial: the voice of London is heard loud and clear across the country and across the world. That voice must speak clearly for peace and against nuclear weapons and war.”


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