Dr Kate Hudson
CND General Secretary
Kate Hudson has been General Secretary of CND since September 2010. Prior to this she served as the organisation's Chair from 2003. She is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner nationally and internationally.
Written by Kate Hudson

In the last few days, since Brian Haw’s tragic death, I have received a number of emails suggesting that there should be a permanent memorial to Brian in Parliament Square. There is clearly a great demand for such a memorial – and one that cuts across the political spectrum.

Two Early Day Motions have been tabled in Parliament to that effect, one from Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour) and one from Peter Bottomley MP (Conservative). You can find the texts below. If you wish to see a permanent memorial to Brian, please write to your MP, asking for their support. Please note that whilst 1946 pays tribute to Brian, it calls for an end to the peace camp in Parliament Square.

EDM 1945


Date tabled: 20.06.2011

Primary sponsor: Corbyn, Jeremy

That this House notes with sadness the passing of Brian Haw, whose protest camp in Parliament Square, initially against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and then all wars, has stood for a decade and resisted all legal and political challenges to its existence; supports the principles behind the protest camp and regards its existence as a formidable example of the possibilities for peaceful dissent at a time when civil liberties are being eroded and military power is being employed over negotiated peace; further notes Mr Haw’s relentless discipline in ensuring that he be seen by hon. Members going about their business every day as a constant reminder of the consequences of their decisions for the lives of thousands of innocent people and subsequent generations; further notes the political inspiration that he was to so many, with his handcrafted placards about the innocent lives lost as a result of war; trusts that his inspiration lives on as an influence to those in Parliament who make the decisions, and to the public whose role it is to hold decision makers in Parliament to account so that they might work toward bringing about peace in their time; and calls for a fitting permanent memorial to be established in Parliament.

EDM 1946


Date tabled: 20.06.2011

Primary sponsor: Bottomley, Peter

That this House notes the endurance of Brian Haw; remembers too the dedication of Lieutenant-Commander Bill Boaks who, before his death 25 years ago, dedicated his life to road casualty reduction; further notes the range of views on Brian Haw’s cause and his methods; believes it could be appropriate for a memorial service in Westminster to mark his passing; and also hopes that to mark his life the unsightly camp of hangers-on in Parliament Square ends and a plaque be set in the pavement.