Dice that spell out the word "think tank"
News 12 Jan 2023
Study: Leading British think tanks among those compromised by nuclear weapons firms funding

The independence of Britain’s top think tanks working  in the area of nuclear weapons...

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Campaign posts 9 Jan 2023
Countries that have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

In January 2021, a new treaty entered into force which makes nuclear weapons illegal...

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An image of an Australian flag with high-rise buildings in the background
News 9 Nov 2022
Australia’s turn towards the TPNW should not be met with intimidation, says CND

The end of the Australian government’s opposition to the Treaty on the Prohibition of...

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Four F-35 aircraft fly overhead at RAF Lackenheath
News 18 Oct 2022
Provocative nuclear exercises – a big mistake

CND has condemned NATO’s ongoing round of nuclear weapons exercises, warning they will further...

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