Online Learning Materials

Bite-size stimuli, activities and information to engage students with nuclear weapons issues. These materials can be used as stand-alone activities lasting up to 15 minutes, or can form the basis of a full lesson or workshop.

Ask an Activist Podcast

15-minute interviews with young changemakers. We platform activists under 21 who makes positive change as elected representatives or campaigners.

Subjects: Citizenship, Government & Politics, PSHE. More…

World map showing the state parties to the TPNW July 2020

The ‘nuclear ban’ treaty

Learn about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and which countries are leading the way for a world without nukes.

Subjects: Geography (place-specific knowledge), Politics (internationalism) and Citizenship (global issues). More…

Make a Peace Crane and learn its history (VIDEO)

Tutorial for making your own origami peace crane. Learn about the story of Sadako Sasaki and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, whilst also folding a crane for peace.

For ages 11-18. Assistance advised for origami.  More…

40-minute ‘Nuclear Weapons’ assembly

Follow along our sample assembly presentation, which has been delivered to 1,000’s of students over the past years.

Suitable for all Secondary school students. More…




Award-winning Teaching Packs

We have six free teaching packs, which are made up of innovative lesson plans and accompanying materials. You can browse and download them all via the links below.

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Check out our free PowerPoints, lesson plans, printable worksheets and supporting information for teachers below.

We can also come to your school and facilitate the lessons ourselves, so that your students can have a fresh perspective and you can take a bit of a break! Find out more here.


The Bomb Factor

Front cover of our Bomb Factor teaching pack

Six cross-curricular lessons on nuclear weapons issues, including an X Factor-style debate competition

Browse and download here




Dial M for Missile

Front cover of our Dial M For Missile teaching pack

Seven cross-curricular lessons to teach themes around the Cuban Missile Crisis and compare and contrast with the world situation today

Browse and download here

‘…a valuable tool for shaking up the classroom, in which students are not taught what, but how, to think.’  – Read more about ‘Dial M’ here


Under Pressure

Front cover of our Under Pressure teaching pack

Find out how pressure groups operate and create your own in the classroom

Browse and download here





Truman on Trial

Six cross-curricular lessons around Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including a mock trial to decide if President Truman was justified in dropping the atomic bombs.

Browse and download here

** We’re very proud to announce that Truman On Trial has just been awarded the Quality Mark of the Association for Citizenship Teaching, recognising it as an outstanding Citizenship education resource! **


Sadako’s Cranes

Front cover of our Sadako's Cranes for Peace teaching pack

Learn the story of Hiroshima child victim Sadako Sasaki, and make your own origami peace cranes

Browse and download here




Critical Mass

5 cross-curricular lessons using examples around the world, looking at gender, identity, marginalisation and race where nuclear issues arise.

Critical Mass ‘a resource that enables students to develop a critical consciousness and understand real people’s lived experience, identity, diversity and the global issues that impact on us all.‘ – Independent reviewer, Teach Secondary Magazine

Browse and download here

Order a physical copy here, or read our pack overview here.


Teach Peace

Front cover of the Peace Education Network's 'Teach Peace Pack'
We also have an assembly in this new edition of the Peace Education Network’s pack for Primary, which offers a rich range of lesson activities exploring peace from the inner and interpersonal levels to the national and global.

Browse and download here




Lastly, one of our School Speaker volunteers, Bryan, has created a fantastic FAQ document to answer some of the key questions about nuclear weapons in an accessible way: Nuclear Weapons FAQ

Promoting our free teaching resources to teachers at the NUT Young Teachers’ Conference in 2018 (Photo: Kois Miah)