For interviews with CND representatives, please contact:

Kate Hudson
CND General Secretary

Mobile: 07891 870732


Dr Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary
Kate Hudson is General Secretary of CND. She has held that post since September 2010, having previously been Chair of the campaign since 2003. She is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner and author of CND at 60: Britain’s Most Enduring Mass Movement.
  Tom Unterrainer, CND Chair
Tom Unterrainer is Chair of CND. He is also active in Nottingham and East Midlands CND. He is a director of and works for the Bertrand Russell Peace  Foundation and sits on the Labour Party International Policy Commission.
Daniel Blaney, CND Vice-Chair
Daniel Blaney is a Vice-Chair of CND and an active campaigner with Labour CND.
Sophie Bolt, CND Vice-Chair
Sophie Bolt is a Vice-Chair of CND, a local activist and has previously served as a chair of London Region.
Rebecca Johnson, CND Vice-President
Rebecca Johnson is a Greenham and Aldermaston campaigner and writer on security, peace and disarmament, nuclear proliferation and treaties such as the NPT, CTBT, JCPOA and UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
Caroline Lucas MP, CND Vice-President
Caroline is Green MP for Brighton Pavilion and Chair of Parliamentary CND.
Dr Ian Fairlie, CND Vice-President
CND’s science adviser and a leading consultant on radioactivity in the environment.
Canon Paul Oestreicher, CND Vice-President
Canon Paul Oestreicher is a political scientist, Anglican priest, and former Chair of Amnesty International UK; he is now a chaplain at the University of Sussex. Dr Oestreicher has been a CND Vice-President for over 15 years.
Head shot of Ellie Kinney Ellie Kinney, CND Vice-Chair
Ellie Kinney is active within Youth and Student CND and is Fundraising Co-ordinator for Youth for TPNW. She works at the Conflict and Environment Observatory on the Military Emissions Gap project.