The first draft of a legally binding treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons was published today. It comes after 132 countries participated in negotiations at the United Nations in March.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“This inspirational document represents one of the best attempts of international co-operation, and the hopes and dreams of billions across the world, to eliminate a major threat to life on our planet.

“This draft treaty sets out how the international community can work together to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. This is the voice of the global majority of nations, frustrated with the lack of progress by nuclear-possessing states.

“But Britain has so far not stepped up to the plate. Our government has boycotted these negotiations. So, after the general election, the new government will have a clear choice: will it join the next stage of negotiations taking place at the United Nations in June, or will it turn its back on the international community actively engaged in multilateral attempts to disarm?

“Does Britain stand for confrontation or co-operation? This is a key question as we near polling day. Let’s make sure we elect representatives who won’t turn their back on the world.”