Veteran peace activist and CND Vice-President Bruce Kent today delivered a letter to the Russian ambassador condemning the invasion of Ukraine and calling for the rights of Russian anti-war protestors to be upheld. Mr Kent was accompanied by CND’s General Secretary Kate Hudson.

Bruce Kent, who chaired CND from 1980-1985 said: “The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and mourns the loss of Ukrainian and Russian lives lost in the conflict.

“We are dismayed by President Putin’s public warning of ‘consequences greater than any you have faced in history,’ which is widely interpreted to be a reference to the use of nuclear weapons. If this was indeed the case, we condemn it in the strongest terms, and are also disturbed to hear more recent reports that Russian nuclear forces are being placed on high alert.

“President Putin’s order to invade Ukraine and the statement referred to above has tilted the world towards potential disaster. These actions put all of us in peril: the risk of nuclear war looms.”

Praising the growing movements for peace he said: “We stand squarely with all those in Russia and beyond who have protested against the invasion of Ukraine.”

Following an international anti-war zoom meeting on February 26 attended by thousands and organised by CND, CODEPINK, Stop the War Coalition, and the No to NATO network, a global day of anti-war action is taking place on Sunday, March 6. The protests call for an end to the war in Ukraine, withdrawal of Russian troops, and No NATO expansion. Alongside local actions across the country, a London demonstration will assemble at 12 noon outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London.