Press Release – 3rd February 2004 – for immediate use

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament urges the Government to launch a fully independent and public inquiry which draws the remit wide enough to look into all aspects of the decision to go to war. Half measures which avoid scrutiny of political decisions are utterly inadequate and throw the government into disrepute.

CND has continually questioned not only the credibility of the intelligence about Iraq’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction, but also the political judgements exercised, and believes the British public has a right to have answers to all of these questions.

Disarmament of ANY nation should be achieved only through diplomacy and International Law – NOT through war and occupation, and we have maintained throughout this conflict that the war was illegal and immoral.

Whatever the issues surrounding the war on Iraq, however, the ultimate responsibility for taking us into this war lies with the Prime Minister. Tony Blair cannot be allowed to pass the buck by blaming the intelligence services for what was ultimately his responsibility. He will not regain the trust of the British people unless he takes responsibility for his actions.

CND Chair Kate Hudson said:

“CND demands a full and comprehensive inquiry. It must have the widest remit so that all outstanding questions about the war can now be answered. This issue will not go away until the British public has the information that it is entitled to. It is no small matter to take our country to war, and the Prime Minister must be accountable for his actions.”

“We would urge the Prime Minister also, to remember his own obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which the UK are a signatory, and to work towards eliminating our very own WMD, the Trident Submarine System” Ms Hudson concluded.