The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has called on the UK government to sign up to the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons, after it was finalised in New York this afternoon. CND has been campaigning for global abolition of nuclear weapons since it was founded in 1958 and is delighted that the treaty has been agreed.

The treaty introduces various bans including the possession, development and use of nuclear weapons. During a debate in Parliament last year Theresa May said she would be willing to use a nuclear bomb while Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said a first strike would be considered.

More than 130 states took part in the talks, which were also well-attended by civil society including CND Chair Dave Webb and Vice-President Caroline Lucas MP. Survivors of previous nuclear bombs and tests also spoke powerfully about their experiences.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “Throughout the last month at the United Nations it has become clear that the international consensus is against nuclear weapons. Successive UK governments have claimed to support a nuclear-free world, yet our current government has boycotted these talks and sided with Donald Trump in disparaging this important initiative.”

“It’s time for words to be matched by actions. Britain must join the mainstream and sign up to this treaty. CND will be working flat out to bring Britain into line with the global majority.”