CND would not have a presence at Glastonbury without our fantastic team of volunteers. As well as all those working at the lock-ups across the site, CND’s two stalls are staffed by 20 volunteers who give their time and energy to campaign for us.

Linda Hugl has been volunteering for CND at Glastonbury for many years. This is what she has to say about the experience: “For a fair few years I have been responsible for getting all of CND’s kit to the festival. This includes our marquee for the Green Futures field, all of our tents and kitchen facilities that sit behind our marquee, all of our campaigning tools from petitions to informative maps to fun games, our merchandise and much more. The best bit is taking materials to the Pyramid stage stall and driving through that zone (before it closes when everyone arrives Wednesday morning) and catching a glimpse behind that famous stage!” Here is Linda in action, with another volunteer, Colin Griffith:

Douglas Wintle is also a regular volunteer. He recounts his first experience as a CND volunteer at Glastonbury: “It was 2016 and the heavens opened for what felt like the entire month before the festival. But the atmosphere was pure magic, and the weather only added to the community spirit. Everyday we were out chatting and engaging with people of all age groups. So many people who hadn’t previously heard of the CND were fascinated about the campaign and the organisation’s history. I definitely left Glastonbury 2016 a little bit muddier, but feeling a little bit better about the world.”

David Blair (far right in the photo above) has been a part of the team since 2016: “Since joining CND in 2016, I’ve been fortunate to support them at Glastonbury. It’s been an incredible journey making friends with other volunteers and talking to festival-goers about CND’s cause – which I think is as relevant today as it’s ever been. Every year we talk to more and more young people who are interested and want to support what we do which is a great feeling. I also help take photos of punters and musicians who want to show their support which is really special! Glastonbury Festival is like no other.”