CND has condemned the decision to send UK troops to Ukraine and has warned of the possibility of mission creep. David Cameron announced this week that British troops would be sent in a non-combat role to train government forces in the country.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:

‘CND has said repeatedly that there is no military solution – from any side – to the terrible crisis in Ukraine. There can only be a political and diplomatic solution: and this is where all of our efforts must be focused. Sending UK troops, just weeks after the announcement of the biggest NATO expansion since the Cold War, is another escalation in this terrible crisis which will only lead to increased tensions.’

‘Furthermore, as David Cameron’s former Cabinet minister Ken Clarke has said – this deployment simply won’t “solve anything”. It’s not only inflammatory, but we’ve seen in the past how developments like this can lead to mission creep – in this volatile situation it’s a dangerous and destabilising move.’