Ahead of the roll-out of upgraded US nuclear bombs to NATO bases in Europe this December, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is gathering for a national demonstration at Lakenheath airbase in Suffolk on Saturday, 19 November – to oppose the return of these bombs to Britain.  

Location: Gate 8, RAF Lakenheath, Brandon Road
Assembly between 1pm to 3pm for rally with speakers and live entertainment

In May, hundreds of CND supporters gathered at Lakenheath following reports that the base – exclusively staffed by US military personnel – was earmarked for a multi-million infrastructure upgrade. The work is believed to be in preparation to host the return of US nuclear weapons to Britain – following their removal in 2008 following sustained opposition.

In the months since our protest, the UK government has rebuffed requests to refuse permission to host these weapons of mass destruction on British soil. That’s despite the fact that the presence of these bombs are likely to place the host base and the wider area on the front line of a nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia.
CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:
“The return of US nuclear bombs to Britain and the spending of millions of dollars on upgrading NATO bases across Europe only undermines further the possibility of lasting global peace and security. The US is the only country to host nuclear weapons in other countries and appears willing to sacrifice these hosts in the event of a nuclear war with Russia.

Whether it’s the UK’s own nuclear weapons in Scotland or US ones in Suffolk, the presence of nukes in Britain doesn’t make us any safer – they make us a target. CND’s message is loud and clear: US nuclear weapons are not welcome back in Britain, and we will campaign with all our might to stop them.”