Iran’s curtailment of uranium enrichment has been hailed as ‘an historic step on the path to peace and security in the Middle East’.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today confirmed that Iran had ceased enriching uranium above the threshold 5% purity, with centrifuges disconnected at its Nantaz and Fordo facilities. The deal, reached in November following lengthy negotiations with international powers, will also see Iran diluting its stockpile of 20% uranium – curbing its nuclear activities in return for a gradual easing of sanctions.

CND’s General Secretary, Kate Hudson said:

‘Negotiations over such sensitive issues as a nuclear programme are fraught with political and logistical issues: they take time. But what we are seeing today is the fruit of dogged diplomacy and a willingness to pursue peaceful solutions to complex regional problems.’

‘Not long ago, the threat of a military strike on Iran, whether by the US or Israel, was seen as almost inevitable. So today represents an historic step on the path to peace and security in the Middle East.’

‘But transparency over nuclear programmes should not just be limited to Iran. While Israel is widely recognised as a nuclear-armed state, it refuses to confirm or deny its arsenal: the only state in the world to maintain a policy of nuclear ambiguity.’

‘If today’s announcement teaches us anything, it is that only through open and transparent negotiations can regional insecurities be overcome.’