For immediate release: 26 May 2004

CND to draw up scorecard of activity against the Iraq war by Mayoral candidates
CND demands words and action against the Iraq war from the future Mayor of London. From its Peace Hustings for candidates for Mayor of London this evening at Friends Meeting House, CND will draw up its ‘scorecard’ of activity by candidates for Mayor in opposition to the War in Iraq. There have been numerous major London demonstrations against the war in Iraq organised by CND, the Stop the War Coalition, and the Muslim Association of Britain – from autumn 2002, right through until last weekend – 22 May 2004. CND Chair Kate Hudson plans to ask each candidate exactly how many demonstrations they have participated in, and in what other practical ways they have given support to the peace movement.

Kate Hudson, chair of CND, said:

‘CND wants a Mayor of London who will oppose the war in Iraq – and any future illegal war – by every means – both words and actions. There is a lot of rhetoric against the war at the moment, but we want to know what the candidates have actually done to oppose the war. This is the only way we can make a real decision about who to vote for. The position of Mayor of London is one of the most high profile political jobs in the country and can give voice to the majority opposition of Londoners to the war. We want from the future Mayor will both speak out and act against this war and its consequences on every possible occasion.’