For immediate release: 28 January 2004

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has condemned the findings of the Hutton Report, which was officially made public on 28th January 2004 as ‘completely inadequate’

The Report clears the Government of ‘sexing up’ its dossier on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and calls this claim ‘unfounded’, in spite of considerable apparent evidence to the contrary.
The Report takes us no nearer to establishing the real chain of events which led to the illegal War on Iraq, and it is a matter of urgency that a full independent public inquiry be set up.

CND Chair Kate Hudson said today
“Along with many others, we have maintained throughout that the War on Iraq was both illegal and immoral, and the Hutton Report does not change this assessment in any way. The findings of the Report are completely inadequate and whatever the rights and wrongs of the details of the tragic death of Dr Kelly, it remains essential that an immediate, independent inquiry is conducted into the basis on which we were taken into the war on Iraq’.

Ms Hudson continued: “The British public has a right to know why we were taken into an illegal war and what the Prime Minister’s involvement was in that process. We also wish to know why our government is not complying with our own disarmament obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty when we are prepared to bomb another country on suspicion of non-compliance with disarmament agreements.”

Dr Glen Rangwala, the Cambridge academic who exposed the plagiarism in the government’s dodgy dossier, will be speaking at a CND public meeting in Parliament this evening at 7pm – hosted by Alice Mahon MP in the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House.