CND believes that international nuclear disarmament can be brought about only by diplomacy and negotiation, not by military action. United Nations resolutions andinternational treaties including the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) must be adhered to by all nations, not just Iraq.

The UN resolution 687 (the ceasefire resolution agreed at the end of the Gulf War in 1991) calls for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East. This includes Israel yet there are no challenges to Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons. It also calls for adherence to the NPT, exactly the treaty that the US and UK are breaking by their continued possession of nuclear weapons and by their failure to promote negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament.

CND will be supporting the Stop The War coalition demonstration in London on Saturday 28 September, campaigning at the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool the following week and is planning a lobby of parliament in October.

In the event of war, CND is calling for everyone who is opposed to this war to do the following:

  • At 6pm on the day that war is announced, go to your own town centre to protest.
  • On the following Saturday, make your way to Downing Street for 12 noon to show your opposition to this war.

    At the CND Conference of 14-15 September 2002, resolutions were passed calling for demonstrations in the event of war and for non-violent direct action protests to be held to show the enormous strength of feeling in Britain against this war on Iraq.