Campaigners have responded to two announcements at Labour Party conference that commit the party to ending interventionist wars and creating a nuclear-free world.

Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary, said:

“We welcome the promise in Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today that there will be no more reckless interventionist wars – like those in Iraq and Libya – that have brought misery to millions of people and devastated an entire region, displacing populations and creating the conditions in which terrorism can grow. Over almost two decades, British foreign policy has made the world less secure and made nuclear war more likely. It is vital that we see future government prioritising diplomacy over threats, as we heard Jeremy Corbyn pledge today.

“We also welcome Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry’s commitment to making a nuclear-free world a concrete goal. We now need to see the Labour Party support the concrete initiatives that can make this a reality, such as getting behind the UN’s nuclear weapon ban treaty and scrapping the replacement of Trident.”