25 October 2005: for immediate release

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today welcomed a MORI poll commissioned by Greenpeace which demonstrates that a majority of the British public would oppose the replacement of Trident when presented with the cost. The poll also shows how dangerously out of touch UK nuclear policy is with popular feeling as the vast majority of those polled opposed nuclear first strike and using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapon states.

The poll represents a boost to CND’s call for a proper debate on the issue and its campaign to prevent Trident replacement.

CND has produced a detailed briefing on ‘Preventing Trident Replacement’ which outlines the key issues involved in the Trident Replacement debate .

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear said,

These results clearly show that not only is there a strong demand for a full national debate on this question, but also that the option of NOT replacing Trident must be on the table. The government must also take a strong message from the British people on its current nuclear policy. Whereas our government talks of using nuclear weapons in a first strike capacity, even against non-nuclear weapons states, the poll could not be clearer about the views of the British people: there is an overwhelming – and increased – majority opposed to nuclear first strike against both nuclear and non-nuclear weapons states. The British public understands that money would be better spent on defeating poverty at home and abroad, and providing for employment, education and health. Clearly the British public has made moral and humane advances while our government has not.


Notes to Editor:
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