Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn is right to call for the end to the dangerous war of words in the US-North Korea nuclear crisis and for the UN secretary general to kick-start negotiations – only through talks is there a possibility of de-escalating this crisis.

“The world is on the precipice of catastrophic warfare. That’s why it’s outrageous that Theresa May has remained silent on the growing crisis and that her Foreign Secretary could neither confirm nor deny whether the British military is involved in military drills over the Korean Peninsula.”

No Nuclear War Protest

CND and partner organisations will hold a protest at Downing Street at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday), calling on the Prime Minister to use all diplomatic means to end the crisis.

Speakers include:
Brian Eno, Kate Hudson (CND), Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition), Rebecca Johnson (Green Party), Pat Gaffney (Pax Christi), Sheila Triggs (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom).