A message from CND Vice-President Bruce Kent

At my vintage age, like many of our older CND members and supporters, I am now staying at home and hoping for the best.

But I press on with our important cause!

I’m going to put a home-made poster today in our window saying:


I’ve also been pushing out that same message to various newspapers and it has been picked up by a major justice and peace-oriented website, Independent Catholic News.

Hardly a day goes by without a short letter from me to ‘my’ politicians, local and national, about some aspect of the nuclear weapon nonsense.

I only make one clear point each time in the belief that long letters don’t get read. I’m also on the phone pretty often to neighbours and always get in a word, about the needs of the NHS and the immoral expensive stupidity of nuclear weapons. When I do pop out for a quick walk in our local park I have my CND badge on my coat.

This crisis is having some effect on public attitudes. People are having to think globally not nationally and are even thinking again about what real ‘security’ actually means. I’m just trying in my own way to help that process of public rethinking move forward. That’s something we can all do in different ways, housebound or not.

Congratulations to CND and other peace activists in Leicester who have just persuaded the Council to add to their next agenda a proposal to sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Greetings to everyone and very much sympathy to all whose lives, and those of their children, have been turned upside down. Especially to those who have lost friends and relations.

Bruce Kent
CND Vice-President

P.S. Please help us to sustain our crucial campaign against nuclear weapons through this difficult period by making a donation to CND today. Thank you.