Hiroshima: Never Forget

Drawing by Hiroshima survivor Miyaji Tomiko, showing her begging for forgiveness from a stranger she could not save.

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The above drawing is by Miyaji Tomiko. She was 34 when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, 75 years ago this month. It shows her begging for forgiveness from a stranger she couldn’t save.

Pictures such as these communicate so quickly and clearly the horrors of nuclear weapons. But the unique dangers of these weapons, and the stories of those who have seen their terrible effects first-hand, are in danger of being forgotten as the events of 6th and 9th August 1945 move further into the past.

This autumn, we want to change this; to reach a new audience, both online and in print, with videos, animations, graphics, and every other tool available to us, to convey the horrors of nuclear war as clearly as the art of Hiroshima survivors does.

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The above picture has been kindly donated for use by CND for this specific purpose. We respectfully ask all third parties to refrain from downloading, extracting or using this image in any way without first gaining permission from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.