Support our election plans

The election may be over, but the hard work has only just begun.

We’ve already been able to successfully lobby every candidate in every constituency, to find out their opinions on nuclear weapons, and to let them know that their views could affect the choices of voters on election day.

We were also able to launch our Vote Out Nukes database, letting voters easily identify the anti-nuclear candidates in their constituencies.

Now we’ve got even more ambitious plans. Once the new Parliament is formed, we will further intensify our campaigning, so we can let every MP know that the colossal and immoral waste of money on Trident has to stop.

To do all this, we need your help. Please, donate to CND today, and help make Trident impossible to ignore for the new Parliament.

We need to get the message out that most of us don’t want to see £205 billion of public money – money that could be spent on hospitals, schools and housing – being spent on weapons capable of killing indiscriminately on an unimaginable scale.

If enough of us speak out, then they will have to listen. Support us by making a donation today and together we can and will bring about a safer, fairer world.